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Dr. Farah Walji, BSC, DDS, DIP. Perio

Dr. Farah completed her undergraduate degree in anatomy and then went on to study dentistry at the University of Tufts Dental School in Boston, MA. She was then among the few to be chosen to specialize in periodontics.

After finishing her specialty, she became American Board Certified and returned to Canada to be with her family. Dr. Farah has treated many complex cases in gum, bone and implants surgery and has been treating Port Perry area patients since 2006.

Dr. Sandro Del Rosso, H.Bsc, DDS

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Dr. Del Rosso completed his undergraduate degree in Biology and Neuroscience in 1991 at the University of Toronto. He continued his studies at the University of Toronto, graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1995.

After a brief stint in Toronto, Dr. Del Rosso moved his practice to Port Perry in 1996. Dr. Del Rosso enjoys practicing all aspects of general dentistry but finds treating children especially rewarding. Dr. Del Rosso is committed to providing his patients with quality dentistry and thanks all of his patients for their loyalty over the 25 years he has practiced at Port Perry Dental Associates.

Dr. Del Rosso has been happily married for over 25 years to Claudia and together they have two wonderful children, Danny, and Josie.

Dr. Sandro Del Rosso

Dr. Rami Marouf, DDS

Dr. Rami completed his Doctorate in Dental Science at one of the world’s most recognized institutions: New York University. Dr. Rami has a taken a very strong interest in cosmetic dentistry.

He was among the first few privileged doctors to train at the Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry, and since graduating, he has continued his education by taking courses in prosthodontics, endodontics, implants and sleep dentistry. Dr. Rami has practiced dentistry all over the world, and we are proud to have him as a partner at Port Perry Dental Associates. His care and commitment to providing healthy smiles has been greatly appreciated by our patients.

Dr. Monica Dosanjh

Orthodontist Dr. Monica Dosanjh of Port Perry Dental Associates works with children and adults to re-align their teeth for that Hollywood smile. She sees patients as young as nine years of age, since early detection of developing issues is crucial so early interceptive treatment can begin.

Children’s teeth are not fully formed and the jaw is still growing, but fixed or removable appliances are available to youngsters. Patients 9 years and older should have a consultation. Dr. Dosanjh is also an Invisalign provider with 17 years experience. She is also proficient at treating adults.

Born in Toronto, she earned her Bachelor of Science at University of Toronto, Doctor of Dental Medicine from Boston University and Masters with Orthodontic Specialty from University of Connecticut.

Dr. Boyko - Orthodontist

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